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222 is a husband and wife team. We’re a couple. We’re a set of parents. We’re a family that believes in the raw nature of life; the messiness, the joyful elation that comes with high times, the low times, the vibrancy that punctuates life – which allows us to be alive and fully experience it. We embrace our life completely and we would do so no other way.

More importantly, we believe in marriage. We made vows to one another to ride this journey together as husband & wife and there is nothing more powerful that we can get behind than that of marriage, dedication, devotion to the other. And we’re excited to do this with you. We’re excited to fulfill our part, however small it may be, in documenting the profoundness of what you’re doing right now. We’re with you 100%; in the happiness, tears, high fives, hugs and “blow you away” depth of love you’ll feel throughout your wedding day. We’ve been there. We live marriage. We get it.

Let’s document your love together.

We emphasize “document” because that is the way we work. We’re catalogers of human spirit; as it happens, when it happens and for those willing to let it happen. We are moment-seekers, life-lovers, action minded, outdoor enthusiast, crafters and we create authentic images that speak volumes. We look to push visual boundaries together with couples that are open to that experience. The openness to this photographic adventure will leave you with a story that is totally unique and unlike any other. Your photos will look like no other wedding you have seen nor any other we have photographed, because they will represent YOU. But our approach isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t necessarily fit every couple’s personality. And we’re okay with that.

All of this starts with a little love.

So, let’s get after it. Let’s create something together.

Columbus, Ohio based. Travelers at heart.

222 Photography About